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Connor Murphy was a drug user and was considered a freak at school. He would lash out on others to make up for how he felt about himself. Connor had bad relationships with his family members, and would often fight with his father. His relationship with his sister could even be considered abusive, as stated in the book, when he was high he would try go to Zoe's bedroom when she was inside. Connor eventually finds out Evan wrote a letter about his feelings towards Connor's sister, Zoe as well as other things. He steals the note and shoves it in his pocket, he later commits suicide. When his family found his body they saw the "suicide note" in his pocket. Evan pretends that they were friends and shows the supposed e-mails that they sent each other, but in all actuality Evan recruits Jared's help to create a fake e-mail account and backdate the e-mails.

Connor haunts Evan for the rest of the musical, but really, it's Evan's mind telling him how to fix everything through the form of Connor.


Cynthia Murphy (Mother)

Larry Murphy (Father)

Zoe Murphy (Sister)

Jared Kleinman (Unknown)

Evan Hansen ("Friend")

Miguel (Romantic Interest in the book)


  • The role of Connor Murphy was originated by Mike Faist
  • Connor always wears slightly chipped black nail polish.
  • Connor was implied to be bisexual in the book.