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Early Life[]

Evan's father divorced his mother Heidi Hansen when Evan was seven years old, as told in So Big/So Small.


Before the musical takes place, Evan climbed a tree and let go of a branch in a suicide attempt as told in For Forever.

Evan has severe social anxiety, causing him to ramble on and on from nervousness and stutter. Evan's only real friend is Jared Kleinman, though Jared will never admit it. It is touched on quite a bit in the musical, being the reason why everything in the musical after Waving Through A Window happens and all, Evan writes letters to himself for therapy and as said by Heidi n Anybody Have A Map, to build his confidence.

Family & Friends:[]

Heidi Hansen (Mother)

Jared Kleinman ("Family Friend")

Zoe Murphy (Crush/Girlfriend)

Alana Beck (Acquaintance)

Connor Murphy (Classmate)


  • As shown in the deleted song In The Bedroom Down The Hall, Evan has glow-in-the-dark star stickers on his ceiling and a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle nightlight
  • The role of Evan was originated by Ben Platt
  • The novel revealed that Evan's full name is 'Mark Evan Hansen', named after his father. This causes anxiety for Evan, due to the need to correct teachers to say 'Evan' rather than 'Mark' when they call roll, along with the fact that it makes his initials 'M.E.H.'