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Jared Kleinman[]

Jared is the rude, sarcastic and slightly inappropriate “family friend” of Evan Hansen. Jared is mean to and brushes off Evan throughout the musical, but he truly cares about Evan and doesn't know how to show it. Jared has taught himself how to hide his true emotions and feelings with sarcasm and jokes. He is "The Insanely Cool Jared Kleinman!!!!"

Family & Friends:

Mrs. Kleinman (Mentioned)

Mr. Kleinman (Mentioned)

Evan Hansen ("Family Friend")

Songs He Is In (In order) Include:

Sincerely, Me


You Will Be Found

Sincerely, Me (Reprise)

Good For You


The role of Jared was originated by Will Roland

The DEH Fandom has a headcanon that Jared eats bathbombs (the bath fizz things) which stemmed from the "Lov The Cronch" meme