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"To Break in a Glove" is the second song in Act Two of Dear Evan Hansen.

Larry explains to Evan how to break in a baseball glove, in doing so letting out some of his frustrations stemming from Connor's suicide.


This glove's really cool, wow.​

Oh, why don't you take it?

Oh. No, no, I couldn't.​

Why not?

Are you sure?

I bought this glove a thousand years ago
For some birthday or some Christmas that has come and gone
I thought we might play catch or... I don't know
But he left it in the bag, with the tag still on
You'll have to break it in though, first. You can't catch anything with it that stiff.​

How do you break it in?

Well, it's all a process that is really quite precise
A sort of secret method known to very few
So, if you're in the market for professional advice
Well today could be a lucky day for you
Shaving cream.​

Shaving cream?

Oh yeah. You rub that in for about five minutes, tie it all up with rubber bands, put it under your mattress, and sleep on it. And you do that for at least a week, every day, consistent.​
And though this method isn't easy
Every second that you spend is gonna pay off
It'll pay off in the end

It just takes a little patience
It takes a little time
A little perseverance
And a little uphill climb

You might not think it's worth it
You might begin to doubt
But you can't take any shortcuts
You gotta stick it out

And it's the hard way
But it's the right way
The right way... to break in a glove

With something like this, you gotta be ready to put in the work, make the commitment. So what do you think?

I mean, definitely.​

Some people say just use a microwave
Or try that "run it through hot water" technique
Well, they can gloat about the time they saved
'Til they gotta buy another glove next week

It just takes a little patienceIt takes a little patience
Takes a little
timeTakes a little time
A little perseverance
And a little uphill climbAnd a little uphill climb
And it's the hard way
But it's the right way
The right way...The right way...
'Cause there's a right way in everything you do
Keep that
gritKeep that grit
Follow throughFollow through

Even when everyone around you thinks you're crazy
Even when everyone around you lets things go
And whether you're prepping for some test
Or you're miles from some goal
Or you're just trying to do what's best
For a kid who's lost control

You do the hard thing
'Cause that's the right thing
Yeah, that's the right thing

Connor was really lucky to have a dad that... uh, a dad who cared so much about... taking care of stuff.​

Shaving cream, rubber bands, mattress, repeat.​ Got it?

Got it.​

It's the hard way

But it's the right way

The right way
To break in a glove

You're good to go.​